Re-Cap of My WTM 2012 Expertise

This I seen WTM since I believed it was the place to fulfill tourism boards face to face. During four days in London, I met with 42 tourism boards, hotel companies and airline companies.

Re-Cap of My WTM 2012 Expertise

Fellow Writers who attended this Season

Re-Cap of My WTM 2012 Expertise

WTM is an event, but is not available to the general public. It was created for travel business professionals such as myself (e.g. journalists, bloggers, travel shows, photographers and others). Additionally, it is a system for hotel groups, travel agents , tour companies and cruise ship companies.

How WTM Works

The most important reason for anybody to attend here is to network and make vital business contacts. According to the WTM marketing team, during the 2012 convention, $2 billion in contracts have been signed!

Have a Look at Korea’s #1 hit”Gangnam Style” Conducted at WTM

Re-Cap of My WTM 2012 Expertise

WTM takes place in London to a Wednesday from a Monday.

This day is a lifeless day when the tourism board agents are scarce and the general public is invited in to navigate although available through Thursday.

Who’s WTM for?

Throughout the initial few days of the event, every tourism board has agents at their racks to speak a lodging and general culture. It is not uncommon to encounter displays. Performers fly to London for people to enjoy local dances and music.

Practical Advice for WTM

As press, speak with every representative to find out whether there is a need we could fulfill our work, develop a sense of what a country is all about and we’re encouraged to ask questions. For the large part, the states being represented at WTM are eager to market their destination and are prepared to go over press trips that are possible on the spot.

Re-Cap of My WTM 2012 Expertise

Setting up My Own appointments

If you’re located in the U.S. and your fan base is mostly located in the U.S., then WTM may well not be for you since the states there are focused on targeting the European market. But if you are company has global appeal, and you’re willing to make the trip to London, I highly advise that you don’t lose out on the opportunity to plan months values of travel!

1.) Make appointments! You won’t be able to meet up with a individual there if you do not make appointments at least a month. Their contact information is provided via the WTM site.

Re-Cap of My WTM 2012 Expertise

2.) Dress to impress in business attire 3.) Hone in on the countries that you’re most interested in. Each meeting lasts approximately 20 minutes, so it is important that you know your business and what you’d like to achieve if they were to host a trip for you, however in that time you need to sell yourself.

Re-Cap of My WTM 2012 Expertise

Cannot wait to see where my 2012 WTM experience will take me in 2013… Stay tuned.

To learn more about WTM, click HERE

I would like to give a special thanks to my host,ScotteVest Travel Clothing for helping make this trip a reality. A huge thank you for all the tourism boards and fellow travel bloggers who made the experience memorable.

Re-Cap of My WTM 2012 Expertise