VIDEO: Travel Guide to Lesotho

In this Event I take you to the the Sky Kingdom of Lesotho, the Maximum State in Africa.

This nation has the highest point on earth. This is our journey guide to Lesotho.

The nation is 1000 meters above sea level. It is situated about 7 hours drive south of Johannesburg and 5 hours west of Durban. For your next 72 hours that I am going to be showing you what do and to see in Lesotho!

This is Semonkong the horse capital of Lesotho. It is found in the middle portion of the nation. Now purchase a beanie that is normal follow me and we are going to walk round the marketplace. Follow me lets go shopping!

After a small negotiating I have three to get 100 Rand. The beanies are made from wool and it is the very traditional thing you can purchase.

Welcome to Semonkong Lodge!

This is where to 14, if you’re looking to research Lesotho. They’ve 25 rooms, a restaurant and they are close to Maletsunyane Fall’s the highest single drop waterfall in the southern hemisphere. You are able to go pony trekking and also research Semonkong.

Next up we Visit Maliba Lodge in the northern side of Lesotho.

VIDEO: Travel Guide to Lesotho

They have 4 lake chalets and 6 chalets. A couple of activities you can perform from the region have been village tour horseback riding and also a massage. They’ve heated floors, beds and spouse.

We go out on horseback to get a two hour trek from the mountains of Tsehlanyane National Park. After an unbelievable trek we head to the near to experience life. In the neighborhood bar I attempted a few Lesotho beer which was sour but traditional.

Can you enjoy the Travel Guide on Lesotho? In the event you’ve already been, leave a comment below or wish to go!