Practical Tips for Traveling Guatemala

While I recently traveled through Central America my Manual gave me some practical tips for traveling that I Believe everyone should know before stepping foot in Guate:


It could be Central America, but a great deal is of terrain. Bring a sweater and a scarf as you may get chilly in some of the cities high. There are plenty of brilliant clothing items available in Guate markets.

The Great Outdoors

Bring walking sneakers, bug repellant, sunblock, poncho and a umbrella. If you are stoned during rainy period, the sun is constantly beating in Guatemala , the mosquitoes will have a field day with you personally. Rainy season brings another undesirable occurrence: land slides. Before booking your trip, so check Guate weather patterns.


If you don’t want to buy something from persistent street vendors, say a firm”no.” Do not say”maybe later” because that is only going to cause them to be more determined to sell you something. Bargaining is to be expected, if you are considering buying something. Many of the items available include things like necklaces, bracelets, tote bags and scarves. Because it takes days to get a person to create what they 21, but don’t become overzealous with offers that are low. A fantastic rule of thumb is to begin in 20% lower. If you wish to hand money out to a beggar, prepare to get approached by many more.

I love you GUATE!

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Thanks to Its Guatemala Toursim Organization. 

Practical Tips for Traveling Guatemala