Practical Tips for Traveling in Guatemala

Before stepping foot in Guate while I recently traveled through Central America my Manual gave me a Few tips for traveling that I Believe everyone should know:

Practical Tips for Traveling in Guatemala


There is a lot of elevated terrain, although it can be Central America. Bring a sweater and a scarf as you will get chilly in a few of the cities high in the hills. There are plenty of clothing items like the scarf I have on in the image, for sale in the outdoor markets of Guate.

The Great Outdoors

Bring bug repellant, sunblock, walking shoes, poncho and a umbrella. In case you are stoned during season the sun is constantly beating in Guatemala , the mosquitoes will have a field day with you personally. Rainy season brings the following occurrence . Before booking your trip so check Guate weather patterns.


If you don’t wish to purchase something from persistent street sellers, state a firm”no.” Do not say”maybe later” since that is only going to make them become more determined to sell you a thing. Bargaining is to be anticipated if you’re considering buying something. Many of the items for sale include hand-made things such as bracelets, necklaces, tote bags and scarves. Because it takes days for a individual to create what they 21, but don’t get overzealous with offers that are low. A good guideline is to start in 20% lower compared to the asking price. If you would like to hand out a beggar money, prepare yourself to be approached by several more.

I love you GUATE!

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Thanks to the Guatemala Toursim Organization.