10 Easy Tips for Taking Better Photos For Your Travels

If your an avid photographer like that I am then I am confident to have completed some research about how to take images while on the road. In this guest post from Locating the Universe, my buddy Laurence gives us his 10 easy tips for getting better photographs in your travels!

1. Find out how to compose a picture that is wonderful.


2. Find out how your camera works

Taking a photo may look like an impossible artwork, but the truth is that you can employ a few tricks that will help you get better shots. These suggestions are called the principles of essay, and they take advantage of patterns that please the brain to produce images that we want to check at. Examples include utilizing symmetry, like a reflection, causing lines, like roads, to draw the viewer into the image, and also the famed”rule of thirds”, in which you divide the image up into thirds and compose about that. Following is a post I wrote all about receiving your essay right for you started!

3. Take at day’s time.

Among the simplest approaches to overlook a excellent shot is not to have control of your own camera. This indicates possess it only once you actually want to be pressing on the shutter button, or you’re likely to be more fumbling with the buttons. Have a bit of time to figure out how your camera operates, and which modes are appropriate to conditions, and that means you are always going to be ready once the moment arrives!

4. Get the basics right

The two best times of day to take are at sunrise and sunset — that the so called”golden hours” of the day. The light is a warm colour, which can be more conducive to areas. The middle of this day is the most difficult time to take — that sun produces contrast and difficult shadow regions, making images look flat and washed out. Do not forget to hang around after the sunset too — as you creep from the gold hour to the”blue” hour, so the shifting light can make for some great shots.

5. Tell a story

This is the simplest tip to follow, and the one that many people appear to drop over at. Your photos will look better if you get easy things right like using a flat horizon, so ensuring so images aren’t blurred, your camera has been held correctly, ensuring your subject gets their eyes open and is well lit — that sort of thing. One very easy tip is to try and take with the sun behind the camera — this can help ensure a better lit subject.

10 Easy Tips for Taking Better Photos For Your Travels

6. Spend a little bit of time editing

Another area where folks have a tendency to drop down with photography is telling a narrative. We’ve got the background knowledge of the photo and what it is all about in our mind, when we’re shooting a photo, and we could fulfill that at when we look at the picture. So it is important that we provide visual clues from the image to get the story around — for anyone else taking a look at the image, that history is lost.

7. Get the Ideal equipment for you

I recommend that everyone spends a tiny bit of time. Even a massive difference can be made by a simple edit on a totally free phone app to your own graphics, an image pop can be made by adjusting things like contrast, saturation and brightness up. Then there are several desktop tools that is really going to help you bring out the beauty in your own graphics if you’re very serious.

8. Invest in a tripod

The number one question is exactly what camera I use. In fact, I’m asked about it too often, I created an entire post. The reality is that equipment isn’t the be-all that people appear to believe it’s. Nearly all beginners are held back by method instead of equipment — it takes a while before equipment becomes the factor typically. My advice is to put money into the photography equipment that operates well for you, and then take it everywhere you go. If you don’t wind up being up for lugging around a heavy camera invest that you will be happy to take along with you.

9. Concentrate on a topic

An easy way to get shots is to invest in a tripod. This is one piece of equipment that I recommend to everyone — it can allow you to get photographs straight away, in addition to opening up new kinds of photography, including exposure pictures and astrophotography. You can get selfies using a tripod! Here are 11 Reasons Why You want A Tripod that should influence you, In case you still need convincing! Look to spend $80 — $120 at the minimal about — you come to regret purchasing a inexpensive tripod.

10. Invest on your skillset

Your photographs must have a subject to make them appealing. That could be anything from a individual to a mountain, but whatever it is, ensure that it’s instantly clear on your essay exactly what that subject is. If you’d like, you can throw your viewer into the image by using a man as a”prop”. If you have someone regarding a scene and facing away from the camera, the viewer will imagine themselves as that individual, and immediately be transported there.

Sharing what I know about pictures in one post is difficult. Like anything worth doing, understanding how to shoot photographs is an art that takes time, effort and a bit of an investment. It always boggles me just how much people are prepared to spend on equipment, yet then don’t take some opportunity to understand how to utilize it correctly. So my advice here is to commit a little time and cash into learning how to shoot pictures. To give you a hand, I have assembled an incredibly detailed online photography course, which covers in fantastic depth everything I have mentioned above, and lots more, including entry to your Facebook group, one-on-one counselling from myself… everything you need to up your own game. You may read more about that here.

Laurence is a complete time professional travel photographer & blogger, who taking as many photographs of areas as you can, and has been traveling the world as 2009. He conducts two traveling blogs: adventure and the photography along with the couples traveling focused Independent Travel Cats along with his wife Jessica. He’s also the writer of the Superstar Blogging Online Photography Course, which can help you improve your photographs, expertise or regardless of your level.

10 Easy Tips for Taking Better Photos For Your Travels