Celebrity Travel Addicts: Stephen Lioy of Monk Bought Lunch

With traveling journalist and photographer Stephen Lioy of Monk Bought Lunch , we talk Inside this variant of Celebrity Travel Addicts. We talk with him what life is like in his home base of Kyrgyzstan, the time he spent teaching English in China, and a lot more. Have a look at his advice and find out where he is headed next!

How did your passion for traveling get started?

My very first significant excursion proved to be a two-week university visit to Paris from 2006 that I stuck around after to backpack through France, Italy, and Germany. Everybody I knew in the house kept describing it as a’once in a lifetime chance’ and so I think from the beginning I had been decided to do it again at some point, but the final week was in the World Cup in Germany; something about the way that occasion brings together the whole planet in a feeling of celebration was so addictive, and also left me needing to travel more and experience all the world’s civilizations.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Stephen Lioy of Monk Bought Lunch

How are you traveling in any given year? What are the kinds of places you want to see?

Probably 75% of the year I am for work, largely on the road but occasionally for a lot of exploration as well. Mountains and areas forecast the most, but obviously the joy of life is in the contrasts and I really like a good thriving city to research as well.

You Are Now based from the city of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, although you’re originally from Louisiana.

Why is both areas amazing travel destinations? What should you suggest when they visit, travelers do?

Very different, those two.

You spent a couple of years. What did understand today that you still carry with you?

Louisiana is renowned for culture, very: the structure of New Orleans and the Cajun/Creole food of the south and the music and also joi de vivre that’s expressed so frequently in parties and festivals. There is some low-key lovely character around too, but most people will be well-advised to stick to the criteria of partying in New Orleans and eating boudin in Lake Charles and possibly hitting up Mardi Gras or even Voodoo Fest or some other huge festival which pulls from the crowds and amps up the atmosphere.

In addition to your job for a traveling photographer and travel writer, also you work to tourism as a consultant to global growth projects. How did this come about and how do your careers tie into one another?

Kyrgyzstan, on the other hand, is all about hills and nomads. I’ve ever been has lifestyles accessible to the average tourist, and that fascinating historical background is coupled with the most beautiful mountain landscapes. The Kyrgyzstan chapter was written by me in the latest Lonely Planet: Central Asia so I’ll only say: go do that all!

What do you want audiences learn and to obtain from your job?


Celebrity Travel Addicts: Stephen Lioy of Monk Bought Lunch

And also that I talk way. I think this is where I actually found the happiness of longterm independent traveling while I was clearly by this phase of my life into traveling. Teachers get enormous vacations, after all, also where I lived in China (Shenzhen) had excellent access to pretty much all of East Asia. It had been really simple to leave and roll back into town the day before classes resumed, picking up anywhere from two or three days to three or even two months worth of new adventures on the way.

What are?

It began largely because of my time traveling blogging. In fact, I had been encouraged on a small FAM excursion in Kyrgyzstan to highlight a little up and coming destination called Jyrgalan in 2015 (a pole from this, for those interested) and also on the way back to Bishkek I got into a lengthy conversation with the head of the host job (USAID’s Business Development Initiative) about tourism growth within the nation and especially the way the World Nomad Games could be improved for your 2016 iteration.  Some months later they got in touch to ask if I would be interested in working together to organize an FAM trip for all those 2016 World Nomad Games, also I have been working with comparable projects since (like a stint as a cartographer, as well, working with local partners to make trekking maps in areas across Kyrgyzstan where those either did not exist or were severely out of date).

I think the 2 sorts of work tie together very well, actually; traveling in and writing about a destination is just one of the very best ways to actually get to know a location, but we do not always have the advantage we would like in educating the world how great that place is. Working with these development projects has not only helped spread the word about just how incredible Central Asia could be as a travel destination, but also give me a real sense of personal fulfillment to find that I have contributed to the region’s and notably Kyrgyzstan’s tourism industry also helped shine a positive light on both for the rest of the entire planet to see.

Give us a’Top 5′ list for a few of your best 3 destinations. Like a mini-guide or some to-do listing of types. It may be anything from your favorite resort, best spot to have lunch, best holiday, etc..

Largely the anxieties people have about exploring the planet are internal to these, as opposed to external factors of the areas they are scared to visit. Get out there and research and stop worrying about the’what ifs’.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Stephen Lioy of Monk Bought Lunch

I refuse to answer that, since it Is so contextual, but I Shall say that the top three places I Constantly look forward to going back to are:

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Stephen Lioy of Monk Bought Lunch

How many nations have you seen so far?

I Understand Kyrgyzstan the best from those three, Therefore the Top 5 there Will be:

What are your top 3 favorite perfumes?

Sixty — Saudi Arabia has been my most recent new nation last December, and I’ve got four new countries (Morocco, Spain, Tanzania, and the Seychelles) currently planned between now and Jan 2020. With any luck I’ll squeeze 2 or one !

What’s your favorite restaurant on the planet? What dish would you advocate?

Chinese, Chinese, and Indian Tex-Mex — the initial two largely because of the gigantic depth of flavours, ingredients, and styles which are surrounded by the idea of Indian or Chinese foods; the latter mostly because it’s the comfort food and flavour of house but there’s also some seriously superior taste and texture mixes that enter it.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Stephen Lioy of Monk Bought Lunch

What’s your traveling film?

How does one even answer this, really?

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Stephen Lioy of Monk Bought Lunch

What’s your global airport?

Was to a date in Copenhagen in Hurtigkarl and Mielcke; something like 11 classes and all of them just unbelievably delicious. Superb company did not hurt either, obviously.

Which city had the friendliest people?

The restaurant I have longest desired to revisit is Mi Tierra in San Antonio, Texas — that they gave me perhaps the best molé sauce I have ever tasted everywhere, yet somehow every time I plan a trip back to San Antonio the world conspires to alter my plans.

Who is your traveling companion?

The place I have gone back as a gentleman is Klimataria Taverna in Athens. I appear to wind up in town every year or two to get at least a short visit, and a dinner here is one. The food is outstanding and the wine is more free flowing, but it’s also around the vibe; there’s a cool mix of travelers and locals sitting around all night listening to live audio and toasting heartily, plus the family that runs the place will be heartwarmingly welcoming. Whenever I am introducing somebody this is an absolutely essential stop on the itinerary; I am just back from the city, really, and also booked the hotel based on to this restaurant.

What’s the perfect way to kill time while traveling?

Midnight in Paris.

No, hear me out. The protagonist is currently travelling and I think we could all agree that Paris is the very best. However, what really does it for me is how it captures so good that contextuality of traveling that can’t be conveyed or passed on. Owen Wilson’s personality can’t really describe to or offer another figures what his engagement with town has been — for different reasons than most travellers, of course — but it’s precisely those indescribable and unrepeatable adventures which produce his time in town so unique. The majority of us aren’t time traveling to hang out with literary luminaries, but I think we’ve all had those moments of’nobody is gonna think this’ or people conversations of’I loved it there, but I’d xyz happen so perhaps it will not be the exact same for you’.

What’s the most exotic location your livelihood has taken you?

Singapore Changi places the bar against which all other airports are measured against, although I haven’t been through in some time so I am sure it’s even better than I recall.

What’s your bit of traveling tips for someone who would like to, or is about to, embark on a life of traveling?

Cebu, possibly? Nobody is as favorable as Filipinos, also Cebu has a vibe compared to Manila.

What are without?

I think I am contractually obligated to state my fiancee, but I think that’s the honest answer.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Stephen Lioy of Monk Bought Lunch

Books are my go-to, but lately I tried to get back into doing a little sketching as well. Publications can be a excellent way to build the history cultural understanding of a location up if I could find a regional writer that is fantastic . Sketching (much like photograpy) really needs a profound look at what it is making something beautiful, plus the time it takes to sit and draw a person leaves a more lasting feeling of location for me in a fast photograph snap before continuing to another thing.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Stephen Lioy of Monk Bought Lunch

What’s your dream destination?

Afghanistan, Eritrea, and Tibet appear to surprise people. Also my visit to Tibet and afghanistan were just that Westerners do not spend a whole lot of time. Eritrea and Tibet around two were off the standard tourist spots ground of their respective regions and to work on guidebook chapters for Lonely World; both adventures.

What’s your traveling quotation?

Pack of the things, save twice as much cash, and always keep toilet paper in your daypack.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Stephen Lioy of Monk Bought Lunch

Where are you headed next?

To skip over the Response of etc and passport, the four Points that make my travels more Profitable are:



Celebrity Travel Addicts: Stephen Lioy of Monk Bought Lunch

Two of my favorite travel bloggers in NOMADasaurus posted some of the very epic landscape photos I’ve ever seen out of a visit down there, however, it’s the kind of place that takes serious free time and spare cash so I just haven’t made it happen yet.

That Aged Mark Twain Favorite from The Innocents Abroad still rings Quite true to me:

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Stephen Lioy of Monk Bought Lunch

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and lots of our people need it sorely on these reports. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things can’t be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s life.”

I have got a trip coming up to get a consulting dedication in a couple of weeks to Uzbekistan & Tajikistan; there’ll be some cool cultural things and a few of days of my favorite corners of Tajikistan: the Fann Mountains.

Stephen Lioy is a photographer, hiker, also traveling blogger based in Central Asia, when not in the area exploring as a guidebook writer. Even a”once in a life” Eurotrip and post-university proceed to China set the stage for what will eventually become a semi-nomadic lifestyle based on sharing his own adventures with would-be travellers and assisting provide that initial push from comfort zones and to all that the world offers. Follow Stephen’s travels at www.monkboughtlunch.com or watch his photographs at www.stephenlioy.com. Follow him!


Celebrity Travel Addicts: Stephen Lioy of Monk Bought Lunch